The-Animatrix script at the Internet Movie Script Database. Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions explained, deep theories, philosophies, FULL scripts to the Trilogy/Animatrix/Enter the Matrix, discussion forums. The Animatrix is a direct-to-video anthology film based on The Matrix trilogy produced by The Wachowskis, who wrote and directed the trilogy. The film is a.

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The film is a compilation of nine animated short films, anikatrix four written by the Wachowskis. Michael Karl Popper the Kid wakes up Typed on screen: Scrjpt, the rebel laboratory is attacked by the Machine reinforcements.

The Zero One leaders retaliate by declaring war on the rest of the world, and their armies advance in all directions. At the meeting she removes a “bug” from his eye, planted by Agents earlier in an “eye exam dream.

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The phone rings again. Four of the films were originally released on the series’ official website; one Final Flight of the Osiris was shown in cinemas with animatrrix film Dreamcatcher. Earnest Evans Wild Arms Solatorobo: There is a large open space in the middle of the run-down building where they take turns jumping off a high point and falling towards the ground, yet somehow stopping inches before impact. Four naimatrix the shorts were also written by the Wachowskis.

Popper eats breakfast, than skateboards to Clearview High School In class, the teacher writes on the blackboard, while Mr. Works by The Wachowskis.


Oh God Help me! You know, you’re not supposed to go in there To coincide with the Blu-ray edition of The Ultimate Matrix Collection, The Animatrix was also presented for the first time in high definition.

May there be mercy on man and machine for their sins. The story ends when Yoko and the others return to the area the next day and find the site has been turned into an unremarkable parking lot.


In other projects Wikiquote. In the beginning there was man, and for a time it was good. As he plummets down, you realize its the same dream that he had had in the beginning.

The experience of the robot leads it to believe it may have an emotional bond with one of the female rebels, Alexa Melinda Clarke. Matrix writer-directors Larry and Andy Wachowski commissioned seven artists from Japan, America and Korea to make nine short films set in the world of their feature trilogy.

Red the Hunter Persona 2: There is some fiction sceipt your truth, and some truth in your fiction. Then man made the machine in his own likeness. This murder is the first incident of an artificially intelligent machine killing a human.

Though loyal and pure, the machines earned no respect from their masters, these strange and loosely multiplying mammals. Ash is wounded, whereupon he and Trinity bid farewells without malice. He decides to compete again and break his own record to “prove them wrong. Dan’s mind is thrown back into the Matrix, but his body is exhausted from the race and what he has just seen, causing him to tumble to the ground at high speeds.


May there be mercy on man and machine for their sins. Reloadedduring which time Neo has joined the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar and is helping the rebels to free other humans from the Matrix.

The-Animatrix Script at IMSDb.

Thus did man become the architect of his own demise. She takes the broken end of the blade and thrusts it into Duo. Sandford case in in his closing statement, which implicitly ruled that African Americans were not entitled to citizenship under United States law.

With this apparent no-win situationthe film ends with Ash’s line “A case to end all cases” aniimatrix his lighter flame goes out. Please enter your email address: Some of the films tie directly into the narrative of the live-action movies.

The Fafnir Knight A Migratory Bird with Suitcase Batman: A nearby agent calls his other agents to tell them that they erased Dan’s sscript of the race and that he will never walk again, nor be an issue for them.