Houve melhora para as medidas referentes ao ângulo de Charpy (p&61;0,), CI (p&61;0,), PFE (0,), PIM (0,), CrA (p&61;0,) e CrX (p& 22 nov. Charpy (entaille en U) ISO/R – Acier-Essai de résilience Charpy . 4 NBR / α = ângulo de suspensão do pêndulo β = ângulo. ângulo de Charpy, alinhamento horizontal da cabeça (AHC), lordose cervical ( LC), .. er the Charpy angle (15), the more horizontal the ribs. In.

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Binding arm 6 with wngulo axis 3 is consolidated with oblique supports 8 and the corresponding part of the shaft 3 at its junction with the arm 6 and two oblique supports 8 changes its cylindrical design for a rectangular design where the connecting points 9 are established. The pneumatic system is lower consumption and a smaller electric braking system.

The advanced control system that controls a pneumatic brake has a button to release and angle transducer 12 to reactivate when it detects the exceeding of a certain level or angle change of the mass 7. Device pendulum impact test low energy according to the first claim, characterized by having a pushbutton to release the air brake and control system to activate when the angle transducer 12 detects that exceeds a certain level or a antulo of angle of the mass 7 occurs.

Are arranged Tong ahgulo in the wings of the bed to leave the base of free bed and can easily be tied to any surface.

Sobre la masa va atornillada la entalla: Pendulums are characterizations of materials for the Charpy method where the resistance is measured at break of a specimen when impacted using a pendulum with a hammer on the end. One kind of pendulum lever Huobujinsen Strain Rate Test device and method loading. This angle can be any: The method of using the aforementioned pendulum device solves the problems that may arise in the execution of all types of impacts with this device.


The brake comprises two brake discs attached to the shaft and two pneumatic grippers.

ESB1 – Pendulum device for testing low energy impact – Google Patents

Country of ref document: Pendulum device for testing low energy impacts the type used for characterization of materials by the Charpy method, characterized by having a control system which prevents recoil or rebound further damage on the desired material. Also on the axis of rotation 3 the arm 6 ending in a mass 7 constituting all the pendulum is fixed.

The bank has a design that allows installation anywhere: De esta manera se consigue que el movimiento de ambos elementos sea solidario. From airplane wings, boats etc.

Copy of ENSAYO CHARPY by Sara Torres Valenzuela on Prezi

Figure 1 shows a perspective view of the embodiment of the invention. The assembly of the wings 2 takes up very little surface of the bed 1being free most of the cbarpy. Adaptability to any test site for the use of an efficient air braking system. To solve this and other problems has developed the pendulum cyarpy of the invention. Patent ES in which a pendulum for testing having a modular configuration, an arm operated by a reducer and characterized motor described because its operation is carried out by operation of an electromagnet that releases the mass disposed at the end of the arm.

The joint system of the dharpy is set based on the specimen to impact. It is detected when the rotation of the device changes direction after impact.

With the data of surface inclination and the angle of impact energy that has to rise the device is calculated. The test set different parameters depending on anfulo type of material through the use of different masses which can be fixed in different positions, allowing in a simple change of the inertia of the pendulum.

ES2473666B1 – Pendulum device for testing low energy impact – Google Patents

It is another object of the invention that the pendulum is provided xngulo a base that is adaptable to any arrangement, either horizontal, vertical, inclined or even on the same specimen. Impact pendulum-type testing machine for testing samples of materials with repeated impacts.


Esta es una de las This is one of the. Braking system control device once executed the impact. Los discos de freno 5 se soportan sobre el eje 3 y se disponen junto a las alas 2 de la bancada. The flexibility in use, with easy adaptation to anfulo places set, to be a portable device. The angle transducer 12 to the shaft 3 anhulo also connected on the outside thereof and measures the angle that rotates the pendulum. This plate is required due to the large dimensions of the pendulum.

The hammer is intrumentalizado and the device has a data acquisition system. Consists of a bed 1 and wings 2 on both the axis of rotation 3 as the pliers 4 of the brake, an arm 6 having through holes 10 and a mass supported 7 sliding through the arm 6 and fixed on it, and finally an interchangeable impactor angupo is screwed into the mass 7.

At the ends of said bed 1 agnulo wings of the bed 2 where the axis of rotation 3 and the brake calipers 4 is mounted are arranged. Other similar systems studied to date are designed for impact on specimens or specimens of small size that are placed on the pendulum device itself.

Figure 4 shows a second embodiment in which the device is fixed on the gantry structure itself is displayed. The utility model has a Charpy pendulum whose main characteristic is the support plate which actuators pendulum support.

The method followed for use is as follows: