SPECIAL RULES: Iron Hard Skin: Angron’s flesh has become unnaturally resilient to damage. He has a 2+ armor save in addition to his Invulnerable. Save. Angron – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. emperor-of Uploaded by. Jorge Barios. This entry is originally from a Apocalypse Datasheet published in for a primach (albeit a demon one), Angron will be the basis of all future.

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Angron Data Sheet

This message was edited 2 times. Keep in mind, as mentioned above, this is without any benefits from his The Butcher’s Nails rule. At the tail end of the Great Crusade when he butchered a whole city which had just surrendered, on Isstvan III when he sabotaged Horus’ clean Exterminatus by going down to rip the loyalists apart personally, and on Nuceria where he ordered every living being killed. They are far beyond greater daemons. Angron has Hatred, so on the first turn he will hits 5.

Angron datasheet

A lone grot stumbles across him, and starts choking him. The liber apocolypta in the new WD contains 3 datasheets Blood Angels Thunderhawk Assault Force, Angron and Ork Submersibles and guidelines for what units to use in Apocolypse games set in each of the 3 wars of Amageddon. Datasheeh Imperium responded in kind, sending in one hundred Grey Knight Terminatorsand all but ten of them died fighting Angron and his Bloodthirster posse and only because their prodigy Librarian Hyperion managed to shatter his sword, angrn he STILL managed to murder their leader with just his bare fists.

Also all of the Primarchs use their most powerful weapons because why have a contest if you don’t do your best? Also it should be noted that Fulgrim has been free of that painting for catasheet while now, but otherwise he still fits in the above category.

Angron VS Horus Horus hits 3 times, wounds 2. This meant that Horus couldn’t just bombard the datashfet again, and committed the Traitors to fighting a long, brutal campaign which delayed them and sapped their numbers. He then replicated this technology on his legionaries, despite the Empy’s warnings, and despite how much he hated the source of the nails, his old masters – angroh adds a little hypocritical spice to his complaints about how the Nails ruined his life, given that he did the same thing to other people for no fucking reason when given the chance -; Or perhaps he wanted his sons to feel the same pain he experienced since he would never be able to remove the goddamn thing from his brain and it pissed him off that his own flesh and blood did not suffer as he did.


At first Lorgar thought that Girlyman was ruining the “song” and finally understood that Girlyman had never hated or looked down on him until the Heresy and the destruction of Calth – actually distracting Lorgar for a moment as he realized that he had misunderstood his brother all along – At the end though, when Girlyman was about to gain the upper hand Angron emerged and engaged the XIII Primarch.

Were they not for epic though? Many thanks to Roberto for the info. Otherwise it will be unbalance or unfairly for the ‘good’ guyz. Angron was certain of his victory that day and didn’t give the incident any more thought, the Nails stayed with him and his Legion.

And that lasted until he had the misfortune to be told he had fled that final battle, which made him go completely berserk, ordering his legion to slaughter every fucking thing on datsaheet planet faster than an inquisitoral cyclonic torpedoes bombardment.

Originally Posted by salty. Daemon Primarch Angron Angroj Where is this, its not in my issue as far as i can see, i get it delivered, so unless it came this morning miss postman as i start earlyis it in the issue with the 40k rulebook hamamer on the front, or is this a new anvron Thanks Mawa for your mention of me!

This would make him 40k’s answer to Spartacus, the same way Curze is 40k Batman. The Word Bearers were nearly driven to despair by the World Eaters’ degradation, and Lorgar began to worry that Angron couldn’t see how he was degenerating – and there was only one way that could end. Oh yeah, remember how he was lobotomized so he would only find joy only in killing shit? This may indicate that primarchs may angrno where they appeared in 40k scenarios.


Angron, Demon Primarch of the World Eaters | The Primarch Project

Angron, Mortarion, Magnus, Fulgrim. Guilliman Round 4 and thereafter: I remember the official angron stats being rubbish. What the hell would you even take to fight this guy? Cmon, do we really have to spell it out?

The fights are supposed to be in a vacuum for simplicity So no Furious Charge for our hero Angron hits 4 times, wounds 3. But with his mandatory bloodthirster bodyguard he can even kill An’ggrath, the biggest and baddest bloodthirster of them all. Blood for the Blood God!

Primarch fighting, while fun to see, isn’t a very competitive thing to do as it’ll usually tie up both Primarchs for the entire game without either of them dying But with Angron this is less likely as you’re going to die or kill fast! Angron VS Alpharius Alpharius hits 2. Guilliman ended up suffering a grievous wound, but escaped the planet, which was rendered devoid of all life by the World Eaters, and had its records erased by the Imperium of Man.

The obvious downsides are that, aside from butchering things in melee, Angron cannot do anything: They fear my mean, gritting teeth!

Daddy issues don’t make for good excellent writing, but said writing is harder to write. His name is Angron A.

He actually had a run in with Leman Russ at some point. After all, its already been done before, in Epic. Mortarion’s is tolerable given that it’s epic, Angron and Fulgrim are bad.

Thou shalt rejoice in thy service! Credit to Castiel for banner. Good, because that’s what they feel like.

Will make a nice conversion! Merely existences, obstacles to overcome. Also note, that this is within the timeline, and no gone back to the Horus Heresy, where most daasheet the Primarchs get killed Proof that Angron was actually a Loyalist Primarch. Thus, offing one of his champs is counter-productive since he’s losing more than he’s eventually gaining.