Esferocitosis hereditaria. Carolina Cózar Trastorno hemolítico familiar caracterizado por: anemia ictericia intermitente esplenomegalia. Esferocitosis Hereditaria Anemia Esferocitosis Hereditaria 1) Defecto de la membrana del eritrocito. 2) Retención selectiva por el bazo normal. De esta forma es posible el rastreo de la esferocitosis hereditaria y de la Las manifestaciones clínicas como ictericia, esplenomegalia, anemia, aplasia y y sobrecarga de hierro sugiere daño pancréatico por la acumulación, tal como se.

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Se recomienda el monitoreo de glucemia y ferritina. Br J Haematol ;93 2: Bienvenido a siicsalud Contacto Inquietudes. Int J Pediatr Hematol Oncol ; 2: Polish Academjy of Sciences? J Thromb Thrombolysis ;17 3: This explains the discrepancy between these values.

Am J Hematol ;57 1: Hereditary Spherocytosis in Neonates with Hyperbilirubinemia. Oxygen affinity and compensated hemolysis in hereditary spherocytosis. Clinico-hematological profile of hereditary spherocytosis: Laparoscopic partial vs total splenectomy in children with hereditary spherocytosis. Revista Cubana Hematol Inmunol Hemoter ;18 1: Clinical symptoms such as jaundice, splenomegaly, anemia, aplasia and biliary calculi prompting a diagnosis of HS are in reality rare.


Thrombo-embolic disease after splenectomy for hereditary stomatocytosis. Erythroid membrane protein defects in hereditary spherocytosis. Blood Cells Mol Dis ; Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of hereditary spherocytosis update. The high association of HS with both diabetes and iron overload suggest damage of the pod pancreas by the latter, as it is also seen in genetic hemochromatosis. Journal of Medical Cases.

Servicio de ayuda de la revista. Long-term evaluation of the beneficial effect of subtotal splenectomy for management of hereditary spherocytosis.

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Applying criteria such as permanence of an increased percentage of spherocytes, family history, biochemical symptoms of ppr and clinical data, we claim a prevalence of generally asymptomatic hereditary spherocytosis HS of 1: Referencias -Mayelin Herrera Garcia.

De esta forma es posible el rastreo de la esferocitosis hereditaria y de la esferocitosis secundaria. A aemia of 62 Spanish cases. Monitoring of blood glucose and ferritin is recommended. King on behalf of the General Haematology Task Force of the British Committee for Standards in Haematology Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of hereditary spherocytosis.

Anemia Esferocitosis Hereditaria by Danna flores cuadros on Prezi

Splenectomy for hereditary spherocytosis: Aires, Argentina; 16 2: Postoperative pulmonary embolism in a young female accompanying with Factor V Leiden mutation and hereditary sypherocytosis.


HS being a ahemia defect, frequently increased iron overload was not unexpected.

Hereditary spherocytosis, thrombocytosis, and chronic pulmonary emboli: The Italian survey on hereditary spherocytosis. Abstract Hematological automates using double beam laser diffraction by artificially spherized red blood cells determine both volume and hemoglobin concentration of a very large number of cells, even indicating percentages of aberrant elements.

Thus it becomes possible to screen for both hereditary and secondary spherocytosis. The identity of hyperchromic RBC and spherocytes as well as their normal percentage have been previously established.

Patient and physician should be informed of the presence of HS to avoid misinterpretation of concurrent pathological symptoms.

Este hecho explica la discrepancia entre estos valores. J Lab Clin Med.