Fyzioterapeutické rehabilitační cvičení pro správné držení těla v těhotenství. Tento cvik, můžete znát také pod názvem: Alexandrova technika. Alexandrova technika, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Forsstromová B, Hampsonová M. Alexandrova technika v těhotenství a při porodu. Brno: Barrister and Principal Halaška M, et al. Urogynekologie. Praha.

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Having practised yoga for a number a,exandrova years, I had heard about the Alexander technique and how it could complement yoga exercises. The technique has also helped her to learn tango and to better adapt her body to the dance.

Call me if you are not sure if the Alexander Technique is for you, and we can discuss your personal needs and issues in more detail. Give it a try!

She is a very intuitive person and this is reflected in her ability to work with the student on a level that he or she understands in order to best develop their application and knowledge of the technique. There was a tremendous benefit from my very first Alexander lesson; I left completely free of pain and tension — almost as if I was floating!

Alexander at the end of the I wanted to learn more about it. I have recommended her too many of my friends living in Prague. A better understanding of what triggers stress and pain both physical and mental as well as a better understanding of the physiology of the body and how it operates.

The Alexander Technique helped her to such an extent that she was motivated to become a teacher and share the technique with others.

Alexandrova technika

Sarka was always calm, non-judgemental, respectful — I never felt pressured or uncomfortable during the Alexander technique sessions. Tecchnika really interesting, because when you attend her sessions the work she does on you seems so subtle, and yet the after-effects are quite dramatic.

To anyone not familiar with the technique you could not ask for a better teacher zlexandrova Sarka to give you your first introduction to this incredible practice. The Alexander technique allowed texhnika to recognise tecgnika I was very tense, and helped me wlexandrova let the tension go. I have radically less headaches and I just feel really comfortable in my body.

She runs a private practice in Prague and works with dancers, musicians, actors, and others who seek to benefit from greater awareness and more healthful treatment of their bodies. Although the technique is a practical and physical albeit through thought practise you also discover all kinds of experiences as you journey through your path to better usage. For lessons or information about the Alexander Technique email me at: During our continued work together we continue to look at all kinds of things relating to the general benefits of the technique tecunika are helping me with my professional life which involves a lot of travel and can lead to bad habitual use as a result of sitting in planes, cars, working with computers and carrying heavy luggage etc.


So, anyway, Sarka is LOVELY, and if you’re suffering from back pain, want extra confidence in public speaking, are suffering from back problems during pregnancy etc etc, or just want to learn how to look after your body better, then I would definitely recommend you think about giving the Alexander Technique a try.

Virve Lou finish student. But why not try it out and see for yourself?

Alexandrova technika on SlidesLive

David business traveller, musician and part time runner. When I diligently apply the lessons in my daily life, I’m not only able to recognize my previously involuntary responses to stress, but I’m actually able to reverse these responses and prevent the pain before it happens!

It can help with: Can Alexander Technique also help you? The application of the technique to my piano playing has helped no end and also to my other hobby which is running. I am very glad that I had a professional teacher and a warm, accepting personality in Sarka.

What is most refreshing and important for someone like myself who has been studying the technique for some time is that she is always introducing new ideas and alexandroca and does not rely on any single approach to the teaching of the technique, of which there are many. I’m less stressed and it’s easier to concentrate now when I’m in control of my body, not the other way around. My body had accumulated so much stress, which I had ignored.

The lessons help me more than physical therapy and acupuncture combined! I’m also hoping it will help me with speaking in public because I have a book coming out soon and know I’m going to have to do readings etc — I could benefit from anything hechnika will give me more confidence in doing this because I’m definitely not someone who enjoys public speaking. I twchnika Sarka to be a very sympathetic teacher in this regard with both a willingness and enthusiasm to work using any number of mediums and exercises to help me experience good usage and to apply this to every facet of both my professional and personal life.

The lessons involve simple movements and techniques to improve balance, coordination, and help release excess tension, as well as focusing on particular problems. I am fluent in English, Czech, Russian, Spanish and Serbocroatian, and can offer teaching in those languages.


#Alexandrova technika

It was broadcasted on Czech National Radio, station Regina: Allexandrova started AT lessons with Sarka recently and can highly recommend her. The lessons are 60 minutes long and cost Czech crowns.

The lessons helped me learn to consciously undo previously involuntary muscle tension which trchnika been causing me daily aches and pain. She first discovered the Alexander Technique through her interests in dance, movement theatre, tai chi and yoga, and after tefhnika suffered for many years from back problems.

If you suffer from muscular pain, repetitive strain injuries, problems from old injuries, stress and fatigue or whether you have an interest in any sport, dance, acting or music and are intrigued you simply must have a lesson with her and experience for yourself the freedom of better movement and good usage.

The overall result can be quite awe inspiring and may even lead to laexandrova making big as well as small changes to your life as one of the benefits of the technique is that you can discover what is important in your life and what is not.

I now am able to run in a much more efficient and enjoyable way which has lead to me not sustaining any injuries for some time as well less muscle fatigue all round. I also knew Sarka personally, and was confident that she would be a professional, but also empathetic teacher, tuned in to my needs and responses.

If the answer is “yes”, you can be sure that the Alexander Technique can bring an improvement. As well as this we have recently been using Tai Chi and Chi Kung as a medium in applying the technique which I also study and has opened up my understanding and enjoyment of this martial art to a whole new level.

Her lessons have increased my quality of life immeasurably. To anyone looking to continue their studies you will find in Sarka an extremely versatile and experienced teacher and a person with a very intuitive and sympathetic nature who is perfect in helping you to explore in further detail the wonderful world of Alexander!

Sarka has conducted workshops for actors at the Prague Film School and for public speakers, and also has experience coordinating the Alexander Technique and yoga.

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