Alan Glynn is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. His debut novel, The Dark Fields, was released in as the hit movie Limitless, which. Limitless (Limitless, book 1) by Alan Glynn – book cover, description, publication history. Bordering on techno-thriller territory, this slick, suspenseful debut imagines a new breed of “smart drug” that produces some deadly side effects.

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It was like a condensed history lesson about things Llimitless could care less about and that did not further the story alo When I first started this book, I wrote: And before I go on: The plot culminates in an ironic way that brought to mind other classics such as Crime and Punishment.

The book is a cautionary tale, the movie a paen to chemical technology. Generally, it was great. Glynn’s writing is good as are his characters. So he could stick with the original title and lose all of those sales, or he could live with the new title and make a pile of money. Understanding how business works. You see a movie, made after a book, and you get the feeling there is some dense, convergent story in the book that had to be greatly simplified to fit into movie form.

My husband told me I should limitleds give up on the book gglynn since I was not enjoying it, but I felt invested and thought it would eventually pick up. That paradigm is where I live and limitlews. Word of mouth will do the rest.

The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn

Movies seldom wind up what the original author envisioned. It went down blynn tangents limihless bulk information unrelated to ylynn plot was relayed and I was inclined to skip or skim. And just a thought: It can mean no one will go near your next book. I enjoyed the inspiring “zero to hero” story in the first half. The experiment introduces him to MDT, a mind-expanding smart drug, which takes him away from his wife and young son and straight to the corridors of the richest and most powerful people of his day.


I understand the premiere had a rather unusual guest, who also did a promotional spot for the film, in which he attributes his success to the same drug used in the movie: While this story was published inI’m certain there were successful women in the New York City of that time.

Fortunately, the movie follows the book very much, which I like. US hardcover edition under original title, The Dark Fields. Having said that, there could be a new synergistic paradigm out there, where book and movie are developed in tandem.

Dude, no one cares how you organized your apartment after you took MDT for the first time. Lots of links online on this I give it 2 stars despite not liking it because as the lowly tortilla chip has the potential to become a decent nacho with a little work, this has the potential to be a decent movie.

And now that he’s hooked and his supply is running low, Eddie must venture into the drug’s dark past to feed his habit. It’s a Viagra for the brain, a designer drug that’s redesigning his life. Yet it has a merit of truth to it, because depending on how you say something–the more charismatic you are, the more interested the listener is.

The latter was set on a shelf above my desk, while the former was replaced into the brown envelope, along with the rest of the money, and hidden in my bedroom closet in a shoe-box.

Dark Fields – Limitless 1 28 Jul 27, How addictive that would be! Illuminating The Dark Fields is mentioned in the film as the name of the book written by the main character. So I wanted to say that the book is fun, exciting, and a page-turner.


The Dark Fields

His ambitions for such an enlightened mind were so incredibly shallow, I can do anything, This reads like a pubescent limitlees fantasy. While not a sociopath, though, it IS pretty clear that the drugs suppress Eddie’s conscience and moral compass – and I’ll also add that the author does a great job showing this fact rather than ever telling us about it.

Another jarring thing about the movie is that in the end, Eddie goes on to “win”, but there’s no retribution for the apparent murder of a woman.

As it turned out, the book was very Hollywood-friendly, and could be pitched in four words: I’m wavering between 2 and 3 stars on this one.

I’m really not so sure any of these do require a lot if any of mental enhancement… The most beneficiary effect in my view was that the protagonist stopped wanking metaforically speaking and thinking about time being lost and started getting busy using it.

My experience is so limited that I would hesitate to offer advice. If he lived here in America limitleas that long, surely he would know how to write in American dialect? I even enjoyed both of them. In the second half I was questioning limitlesss all of Eddie’s actions, even when he is on the smart drug.