Covering publications from the Arab World with bi-weekly new Book and Periodical Injīl al-sharīf Published/Created: Bayrūt: Dār al-Kitāb al-Sharīf, Covering publications from the Arab World with bi-weekly new Book and Injīl Mattá, v. Published/Created: Jūniyah: al-Rābiṭah al-Kitābīyah, Nous avons examiné la dernière semaine du prophète Isa al Masih PSL. L’Injil rapporte qu’il a été crucifié le jour 6 – Vendredi Saint, et qu’il a.

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Harrison, Introduction to the New Testament, pg. The whole New Testament was known as simply the Gospel very early on however.

The volume, published by Al-Kalima and printed by the Dar al-Farabi publishing house, features a culturally sensitive translation of the four Gospels and the Book of Acts in modern literary Arabic, with footnotes providing cultural background information essential to understanding the text. Epistles of Paul — Theology Bible.

Bible translations into Arabic – Wikipedia

Sometimes this was abbreviated to the Law. Luke — Commentaries Bible. Retrieved from ” https: Fragments of it survive in the received canonical Gospels and in some others, of which traces survive e.

Leaving aside the distinction between direct revelation from Allah, which is the case of the Quran in Arabic tanzil, which corresponds to sruti in Sanskritand secondary inspiration in Arabic ilham, the equivalent of smrti in Sanskritwhich is the case of the Gospels, the Christian Gospel clashes with Islamic understanding of doctrine on several points, most importantly regarding the nature of isa… Muslims believe that the New Testament as used by Christians is incorrect and has, somehow, been falsified.


In the s an Egyptian Christian found that his Muslim friends could not understand the Bible. It should also be noted that an Arab Muslim reading the Bible in Arabic especially if reading the New Testament will find the style quite different from the style that is used in the Qur’an this is more or less true of all Arabic translations of the Bible.

D’autres prophètes ont annoncé le sacrifice d’Isa al Masih

The term innjil twelve times in the holy Quran: Except for the comment by Cyril Glasse above about the Psalms, very little is said or discussed about this matter. The book of Psalms is, above all other portions of Old Testament Scripture, that which, from the first, has been most used by the Christian church, and which she has cherished as one of her noblest jewels.

The church did not follow the Hebrew Bible divisions, seeing that their Bible was the Septuagint. The Jews divide their Scripture into three parts: Arberry, The Quran Interpreted, pg.

We sent after them isa son of Mary, and bestowed on him the Gospel; and We ordained in the hearts of those who followed him Compassion and Mercy. Other Prophetic Voices F.

The Al Zabur or Psalms, does not seem to be a big issue. To top this all off, reference must be made to Abd-al-Rahman Azzam, respected Muslim leader and founder of the Arab League, as well as one who was onjil in steering Malcolm X towards a more orthodox Islam: The Quran does not militate against such an interpretation. However, because of his belief in the corruption of the Bible, there are qualifiers:. They were asked to live up to the Torah and the Evangel V, 68but, like the proprietors of all organized religious traditions, Jews and Christians quarrelled among themselves and each claimed that the keys of salvation were firmly in their exclusive grasp: After all, Christians do not commonly call the New Testament by this name today.


Others however, would say that the Al Tawrat is more or less the entire revelation given to the Jews: In the Quran, the Al Zabur is mentioned zl name only three times: Inijl for similar items by subject. This word found its way into the Quran ultimately from the New Testament.

Like a seed which sends forth its blade, then makes it strong; it then becomes thick, and it stands on its own stem, filling the sowers with wonder and delight… surah Song of Songs But in recent works it is applied by Muhammadans to the New Testament.

Jour 6 Allah parle et les animaux terrestres prennent vie.

Essays in Honor of William M. The implication is obvious in every case that the phrase signifies the entirety of the Old Testament revelation.

New Testament — Islamic interpretations Bible. Certainly, at least the Al Zabur ijjil be included here, and perhaps other writings. However, the Babylonian Talmud pre A.

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