The qprt command creates and queues a print job to print the file you specify. . Note: The AIX operating system also supports the BSD UNIX print command. Download qprt-to-lp for free. qprt-to-lp is a simple wrapper script to pass AIX qprt commands to Linux CUPS lp command. This allows programs. To submit a print job to a queue, use either lp, lpr, or qprt. All the jobs will go to the AIX 5L features a number of commands and facilities to perform this task.

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Configuring a printer without adding a queue (qprt command)

If you specify a job number, that job will be placed in the background. By default, it starts in command mode.

The -a option will display all parameter settings. The basic command interpretation is standard among these shells.

After issuing the command, all text entered will be sent to the specified userID. Prints the header or trailer page once for each print job group of files. If you will be sorting numerical data, use the -n option to specify a sort by numerical value.

Flag values related only to the spooling of your print job, instead of the actual printing, are not shown. If you specify the -g option, it will specify disk information about the groups for which the current account is a member. Specifies whether emphasized print is wanted. Typical values for Number are 10 and This command can perform privileged operations.


The -f option will convert lowercase letters to uppercase before making the comparisons. On the next page is a table of the various options and a brief description. Specifies the output bin destination for a print job. The first character applies to header pages.

qort Run the installation script to copy all the Kyocera Mita Printer support files to their appropriate locations: To print a file, you must have read access to it. The -l option can be used to display more information about the files on the queue. AIX will ask for your old password and then your new password twice.

Kyocera Printing Support for IBM AIX

To remove a file after it has printed, you must have write access to the directory that contains the file. If you do not specify this flag, it uses the default value from the printer driver.

For more information, please see the tn handout. You can remove an alias wix using the unalias command. A one-character identifier that specifies a filter through which your print file or files are to be passed before being sent to the printer.


The third approach is to specify a userID which will remove all jobs owned by that user.

qprt Command

The particular type style choices differ depending on the printer type. Specifying -i will cause AIX to ignore all nonprintable characters during comparisons. If you like to know more, click here. If no file is specified, standard input is used. The qprt command creates and queues a print job to print the file specified by the File parameter.

The second parameter should be aid files or subdirectories to be changed.

Specifies whether double-high print is wanted. Specifying the -P option lets you select the queue from which the files will be deleted. The -r specifies qpprt files and directories. Enter this into the computer, and if entered correctly, you will be logged onto the RISC terminal. If you just specify a titleAIX will use the more command to display the contents of the man pages for that entry.

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