The story of Devi Ahalya from the times of Ramayana is often cited as an example of how women were discriminated against even in those. Ahalya Story – When Lord Indra was cursed for lust! – Indra, also known as Sakra in the Vedas, is the leader of the Devas or gods and the lord of. Ahalya was characters of Ramayana also known as Ahilya, is the wife of the sage Gautama Maharishi. She was made by Brahma and was surreal beautiful.

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While some praise her loyalty to her husband and her undaunted acceptance of the curse and gender norms, others condemn her adultery.

You must be logged in to post a comment. When Ram asked waiting for whose coming? Indra perceives her wish and comes in Gautama’s disguise, but is revealed by his seductive speech. When Rama comes to meet her, she realises that her penance is complete. Ganpati Stotra audio and lyric.

Even though Gautama cursed Ahalya and turned her into stone, he did leave a way out for her that when tekugu of Dashrath would come and touch her, she would become human again. Archived from the original on 20 July Ram was embodiment of love and wisdom. Retrieved 19 January Basically what she gained was neutrality! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Or do we learn from Ahalya, who made a conscious telugy to fulfill her need and yet has been extolled? When that time arrives, the sage returns Ahalya to Brahma, who, impressed by Gautama’s sexual restraint and asceticism, bestows her upon him. Later sources often absolve her of all guilt, describing how she falls prey ahalyya Indra’s trickery. Gautama then curses Ahalya to remain invisible to all beings for thousands of years, fast by subsisting only on air, suffer and sleep in ashes and be tormented by guilt.


The actual truth about Ahalya in Ramayan

Ramayana Stories in Modern South India: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ahalya. However, Kelkar adds that another reason for making Ahalya immortal in the scriptures, could be that her punishment acts as a warning and deterrent to women.

Rao, Velcheru Narayana A Classified Collection of Tamil Proverbs. The marks all over his body were transformed into eyes. The right-wing Hindu women’s organisation Rashtra Sevika Samiti considers Ahalya the symbol of “Hindu woman’s and Hindu society’s rape by the outsider”, especially British colonisers and Muslim invadersbut also Hindu men. A New Perspective, feels that Ahalya was made vulnerable due to her acceptance of gender norms; she ungrudgingly accepted the curse while acknowledging her need for punishment.

Think how difficult it is for us to see God Himself. Here, Ahalya agrees to have sex with the disguised Indra because she has long been craving affection from her ascetic husband.

In the earliest full narrative, when Indra comes disguised as her husband, Ahalya sees through his disguise but nevertheless accepts his advances.

Such is the irony of life. Please don’t forgot to give us rate and write a review. Vishwamitra asked Rama and Lakshman to accompany him, and so the three set out for Janakpur.

The author regards Ahalya as an independent woman who makes her own decisions, takes risks and is driven by curiosity to experiment with the extraordinary and then accept the curse imposed on her by patriarchal society. At one point, Ahalya receives shory visit from Indra’s female messenger, who proceeds to mock husbands who avoid sex by saying that it is not the right day for pleasure.

Hanuman Chalisa HD Sound.

The actual truth about Ahalya in Ramayan – News18

Teligu to another interpretation, Ahalya’s pride in her beauty compels her. From a sheltered existence she is now out in the open. They will also take part in Sita Swayamvara.

For the Indian film, see Ahalya film. In one instance in the MahabharataIndra is said to have been cursed by having his beard turned to gold as he seduces Ahalya, while a curse by Kaushika sometimes interpreted as synonymous to Gautama is cited as the reason for his castration.


Ahalya Story – When Lord Indra was cursed for lust!

How many rebirths we have to take, how much tapasya and devotion we have to offer in order to please Him to bless us? Ram Mohan 25 January Indra, the gods and the Brahmins ” priests. Looking at that site, the sage got overwhelmed by the prominence of the creator and out of respect, did a circumbulation of the cow and a Shivling. The well-known treatise on sexual behaviour, the Kama Sutra —also mentions Ahalya and Indra while discussing how lust destroys men.

Besides these, an unnamed daughter is also alluded to in the narrative. Then Ram touched the stone with his feet and Ahalya got freed. However, Anjani is cursed by Gautama in these versions, generally for aiding Indra and Ahalya in concealing the secret. Hence when Gautama became furious of having found another person with his wife, his anger is understandable.

Archived from the original on 21 April Images of Women in Maharashtrian Society. Ahalyaa went away for a couple of hours to the river for his bath analya prayers. Rama and Lakshman were staying in the forest under the tutelage of Vishwamitra, who taught them the Vedas and other scriptures. Garg, Ganga Ram By her penance powers, Ahilya realized that it is Indra himself who came down for her.

He himself had led a righteous life. The curse varies from text to text, but almost all versions describe Rama as the eventual agent of her liberation and redemption. The Mahabharata Book 3: