Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 15 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching . The AFRS Form serves as verification of completion of the degree. To initiate the request, students must submit their Graduation Application and the. Request AF (Verification of Scheduled Graduation) from school *** Review all attachments in the TFOT guide and regularly check for updates on AFRS.

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Applications need to be organized as instructed in Section 11, Application Layout Checklist. Letter of recommendation should be no more than two pages and does not have to match the format of this example. Rated applicants must be able to complete the selection process, attend BOT, attend Introductory Flight Training IFT if applicable, and enter undergraduate flying, undergraduate navigator or air battle management training prior to age 30, and must be eligible to receive a conferred degree prior to age Refer to Table 1.

Applicants are ineligible to apply for OTS if they experimented with drugs while a member of any branch of the military. About Me JMc View my complete profile. Make sure choices are in proper order! Some of the most common reasons for non-selection are weak writing styles and a lack of bullets on the AF IMT 56 interview.



Commissioning Helper

Non-accredited colleges or universities not listed in approved sources must be evaluated and accepted for admission into a graduate program. Section I, Page 2: Where affrs selectees go after BOT? Applicants applying for rated programs Pilots, Navigators, and ABMs will be considered without a waiver if they are less than 28 years of age by the board-convening date.

Item 28, K – Zfrs format is mandatory. Refer to additional documents in this guide for information pertaining to the BOT application and selection process. List any previous applications for commissioning programs even if not selected.

Letters of Pending Graduation

The applicant must handwrite this statement. Both rated and non-rated applicants are to state their objectives and reason for desiring an Air Force commission and address any concerns they may have about their applications i. To retrieve the PCSM score, refer to https: Refer to website for program information: SSgt Jane Doe supervised workers and afrrs responsible for… She created a new database system to help manage millions of dollars of… She helped organize a neighborhood event ….

Letter Of Recommendation 16 This form is required on all applicants who were disenrolled from a program leading to agrs commission. Ensure the commanders are aware of any waivers that may be required.

Pilot, Navigator and ABM career fields are commonly referred to as rated. Individuals writing an LOR should state their relationship to the applicant and use specific examples they have 11413 leadership, moral character, talents, accomplishments, etc. Item 28, C – Self-explanatory. Disenrollment Waivers —Waiver must provide valid reasoning for disenrollment.


Commissioning Helper

Section V — Continuation Sheet if necessary Counselors and applicants are no longer required to initial 14133 1. Age waivers are not authorized for nonrated applicants who are over the age of This is enough to generate a valid overall GPA, and all applicants must qualify with the same GPA requirements undergrad.

Section IV – Indorsing Official: Agrs applicants who are 29 as of the BOT board convening date are too old to apply.

Selections are made approximately six months in advance of the expected shipping timeframe. Follow the instructions on the form. Age Waiver — Used for both Non-rated and Rated applicants.

Do enlisted applicants selected for BOT attend a 6-week program instead of the full week course? Applicant will not be eligible to apply without an approved FED.

List the name of the institution, type of program i. The best person to write an LOR is one who has a working knowledge of the applicant; attesting to applicant’s character, morals, standards, and potential.

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