AFI 36-2504 PDF

AFI 36-2504 PDF

Effective immediately, Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , Officer Promotion, Continuation and Selective Early Removal. AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Fitness Program AFI Systems AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI . AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Information Security Program AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI Officer.

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Action agencies act as directed in Table A7. This publication requires the collecting and maintaining of information protected by the Privacy Act of In a joint command, if a commander from a different Service imposes nonjudicial punishment on a member of the Air Force element, the senior Air Force officer or commander of the element decides to file or not to file an Article 15, provided that official is senior to the commander imposing the nonjudicial punishment. The decision to include or exclude the Article 15 in a selection record may not be revoked once it is filed in the MPerRGp.

A records audit must be done not later than 45 workdays before departure for IMA members geographically separated from the MPF. Some examples of other documents filed in the PIF are separation actions, newcomers letters, line of duty determinations, assignment and sponsorship correspondence, local clearance actions, promotion actions, credit information, favorable or unfavorable correspondence not filed in the UIF, counseling records, appointment scheduling correspondence, additional duties and duty roster information, duty status correspondence, personnel actions correspondence, and participation or training information on ARC personnel.

Designee—A person who is authorized access to information in master personnel records and is authorized to request master personnel records. The commander imposing Article 15 punishment prepares the decision memorandum figure A4. How to Request MPerRs. Consider separations occurring 36-204 or before 25 September l to be Army separations.

If enlisted member does not have DD Form on file in the UPRG, file a statement signed by the verifying official indicating the date of change and naturalization certificate number.

On approval of requests by functional OPRs, DPDXS updates the system to allow the user the capability to access the desired information and notifies the requester.

Also, officers on active duty under the Voluntary Recall Program 36–2504 any other Reserve Recall Program must have at least one year on active duty as of the board convening date, starting from their new EAD date. The PIF contents, when the PIF contains derogatory data, must be made available for commanders, raters, and the senior rater review prior to completing personnel management actions on officers.


Do a records audit for personnel who fail twice to present themselves for a RRev without valid reasons. MPerRGp record custodians, designated by position, will set up and enforce administrative procedures and physical safeguards for the MPerRGp.


Documents Maintained by Other Activities. The appeal should be submitted to commander or review authority who originally directed the Article 15 placement in the OSR, or successor in command. Reproduction of a naturalization certificate is a federal offense under Title 18, U.

Remove when replaced by DD Form The paper selection record, a component of the MPerR, is not normally loaned outside the organization maintaining it, with the exception of records NPRC maintains. On completion of the screening process, send permanent documents to the appropriate records custodian.

Air Force military personnel records use the name shown on a birth, baptismal, marriage, or naturalization certificate, civil court order, or other legal document.

CM P File all documents pertaining to 1 qualification aeronautical reevaluation boards onlydisqualification including suspensionand requalification for aviation service to include 36-25044 evaluation boards, fear of flying, voluntary requests, drug abuse 2 authorization for or removal from parachute jump status. Remove when member retires, separates without immediate return or continuation on active dutyor dies; or punishment is set aside under UCMJ, Article 15 d or e.

BoxSt Louis, MOwithin 5 workdays after afk for individuals not filing a claim for VA disability at time of discharge.

If found, drop in the nearest US mail box. When a commander decides to file the record of Article 15 punishment in the selection record and the commander is a GCMCA or higher level commander, follow these procedures: The responsible offices and formats for preparation of the AF Form 77 are as follows: Remove on next promotion, demotion, or separation.

Relocated Relocatable Record—A document or record that is part of a record group that may be kept separately from its parent record group to 36-25504 the program or programs it supports. The notes to Attachment 2 explain the codes used afii columns B, C, and D. However, the member may claim it is in error. Remove on expiration of active duty service commitment. Forward all promotion orders except those for current grade with enlistment package at time of reenlistment.


When used as a request for waiver of restriction, withdrawal of application, change of retirement month, or consideration for 10 percent increase for extraordinary heroism. The GSU custodian’s task is to gather and prepare the subgroups for hand-carrying by the member when there is a change in custody.

Include one copy of discharge order in FRGp.

Air Reserve Announces Promotion Changes |

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They have personal and privileged information and may only be disclosed to authorized persons conducting official Ati Force business. Line of the Air Force colonels for promotion to the grade of brigadier general affi Line of the Air Force brigadier generals for promotion to the grade of major general.

The date for members who must travel from their homes to their first duty or processing station is based on the mode of travel. For the purpose of this table, finally approved and ordered executed refers to the point when the convening authority orders sentence executed before final appellate review.

The Emergency Action Book contains specific guidance on the above procedure. When a commander decides not to file the record of Article 15 punishment in the selection record, follow these procedures: This memorandum, although addressed to the Master Personnel Record Custodian to preclude unnecessary indorsements, must be sent to servicing SJA for further processing as indicated in paragraph 2.

The member hand-carries the health record group to new duty station.

July affi, — May 31, Use the following products for reviews: CM P Applies only to those forms which indicate tender of resignation. When used as enlistment order or to show AFSC conversion or upgrade. Separated—A general term that includes discharge, release from active duty, release from custody and control of the Armed Forces, or transfer to Reserve component.