AFI 33-103 PDF

AFI 33-103 PDF

Air Force Instruction , Communications and functional terms, in accordance with AFI and Air Force series supply. 12/1/ INFORMATION PROTECTION. Kb. AFI Kb. AFI 7/1/ Requirements Kb. AFMAN 5/1/ ENGINEERING AND. HQ USAF functional managers chair their own functional requirements boards ( AFI , Requirements Development and Processing). They prepare and.

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Paragraph 3 has been deleted and all information pertaining to the responsibilities of the Air Force Communications and Information Center AFCIC have been incorporated into paragraph 1.

This system includes visual information support systems. Report excess computer systems accounted for in base supply through base supply. Configure the operating system software to meet user needs e. 33103

Contact your wing information protection IP office before initiating procurement action. Allow ECOs to create and maintain holding accounts for known near-term requirements.

The applicable CSO normally coordinates the maintenance of end-user computer systems and components for base and tenant units when they use contract maintenance.

Assign log-ons, passwords, and user privileges qfi the system e. Indicate that the data was shipped in IPMS. Finds the most economical source for spare parts. Otherwise, prepare AF Form Completes out-processing for departing EC upon transfer of account and receipt of new appointment letters.

MECO responsibilities do not include equipment accountability. The NCC initiates a claim for credits under the standards of the contract.

A computer system may be a stand-alone system or may consist of several interconnected systems. The ECO may approve turn in to DRMO of excess government-owned computer systems in unserviceable or scrap condition, except when the equipment is designated for donation to a school under authority of Presidential Executive Orders. Directs retention of serviceable excess computer systems for maintenance redundancy or operational spares.


This support may include spare parts or the proper readiness spares package inventory to support the new equipment. Are Reports of Survey being accomplished in a timely manner? Only use this authority when a cost analysis clearly determines that it is economically feasible to use excess assets instead of procuring new items. Requests must clearly state why contractor maintenance cannot meet requirements and include: The parties involved should develop a schedule for reducing and transferring small computer systems workload.

Line Replaceable Unit LRU —A module, subassembly, or printed circuit card you can replace or repair without soldering. Notify the PMO of centrally managed programs of any excess equipment acquired for that program that is available for reutilization.

The CSO coordinates maintenance with the command supporting a deployed location before deploying computer systems. Provides IPMS operations, programming, and software support. Authorizes payment for installation and monthly recurring charges.

– Side 33 af 101

Certified contractors including GSA employees and contractors. Contractors may function as a custodian or as an wfi officer as the contract specifies. Wing Information Protection IP Office —Office that administers the wing IP program, advises the base computer systems security officer, and acts as the accreditation advisor to the designated approving j authority. Elvis Presley on film and television – Wikipedia en.

Searches, when requested or needed, the reuse module in IPMS for available excess computer systems Air Force-wide to satisfy adi requirements. Data entered on privately owned computer systems or software developed while performing government business becomes the property of the U. Plans for and provides support during contingencies and deployments. Computer systems accreditation is tracked in the IPMS.


Resources —Any computer system, computer system component hardware and software, contractual services, personnel, supplies, and funds.

Establish accountability procedures for computer systems acquired 33-103 joint services, working with the applicable ECOs and PMO.

Has the commander delegated the authority to receive new equipment to only the ECO? Properly inventory, package, warehouse, and secure equipment when storing computer ai before transfer. General Dynamics F Aardvark – Wikipedia en. Plan for 33-1103 and long-term loss of system hardware and software. Obtain the approval of your local DAA before allowing a contractor access to, or operation of, government-furnished or contractor-owned computer system resources processing government information.

Ensures organizations do not use shareware or public domain software until the CSO certifies computer systems are free of viruses, hidden defects, or obvious copyright infringements, and that organization shareware users pay any necessary fees prior to utilization.

Which AF publication provides general guidance for executing and – ProProfs

The CSO is responsible for determining whether the using organization, communications unit, or outside agency will install the equipment or software. To develop a computer system task: Budgets for maintenance aci applicable host base computer systems.

Enter assets when received and update the IPMS to reflect transfer of the assets from the acquiring program office to the Air Force. Has the selected individual received appropriate training?

Forms Adopted wfi Prescribed.