cawiki Aeterni regis; dewiki Aeterni regis; enwiki Aeterni regis; eswiki Aeterni regis; euwiki Aeterni regis; frwiki Aeterni regis; lbwiki Aeterni regis; slwiki Aeterni . Ultimus Triritus Probatum Romanus is three sets of official and sacred writs issued throughout the year. , signifying the collapse and termination of the. The second Crown was created in with the papal bull Aeterni Regis, meaning “Eternal Crown”, by Sixtus IV, being only the 2nd of three papal bulls as .

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Guaranteed the independence of the University of Paris. Bulla is the name of this seal, which to ancient observers looked like a bubble floating on water: The name of the issuing pope was usually on the reverse side.

Papal bull

Throughout the 15th century, rgeis, explorers and fishermen of Portugal, the possession of the Canary Islands was a point of contention between the two Crowns. Regsi at Rome, at St. Eterni Regis clementia, per quam reges regnant, in suprema Sedis Apostolicespecula collocati, regum Catholicorum omnium, sub quorum felici gubernaculo Christifideles in justitia et pace foventur, statum et prosperitatem ac quietem et tranquillitatem sinceris desideriis appetimus, et inter illos pacis dulcedinem vigere ferventer exoptamus; ac hiis que per predecessores nostros, Romanos pontifices, et alios propterea provide facta fuisse comperimus, ut firma perpetuo et illibata permaneant, et ab omni contentionis scrupulo procul existant, apostolice confirmationis rregis favorabiliter adhibemus.

Ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar and the confiscation of their possessions. A depiction of Henry IV of Castile. While Castile had some success in land battles, Portugal had the advantage at sea. The Canary Islands is the most southerly region of Spain and the largest and most populated archipelago of the Macaronesia region, the islands have a subtropical climate, aetedni long hot summers and moderately warm winters.

Some of them survive with his marginal annotations and he attended the Council of Florence and inwhen his patron died, he was appointed Bishop of Bologna in his place.

Even though the treaty was negotiated without consulting the Pope, a few sources call the line the Papal Line of Demarcation.

Prohibited the dismembering and boiling of bodies so that the bones, separated from the flesh, could be carried for burial in their own country.

Modern scholars have retroactively used the term “bull” to describe any elaborate papal document issued in the form of a decree or privilege solemn or simpleincluding some papal letters. Canary Islands — The Canary Islands, also known as the Canaries, are an archipelago and autonomous aeferni of Spain located on the Atlantic Ocean, kilometres west of Morocco.

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Also excommunicated all rulers who receive such payments. We, therefore, to whom all the Lord’s flock is committed by Heaven, and who, as we are bound, desire regiis peace and tranquility to flourish and endure forever between Christian princes and peoples, earnestly wishing that the letters of Nicholas and of Callixtus, our predecessors, and the article inserted above, and all and singular their contents, may remain stable and unimpaired forever, to the praise of the Divine Name and the lasting peace of the princes and peoples of each of the aforesaid realms; of our own motion not in compliance with any petition offered to us on this subject, but of our spontaneous liberality, foresight, and certain knowledge, and from aetern plenitude of apostolic power, considering the letters of Nicholas and of Calixtus, our predecessors, the articles aforesaid [i.


He tried to unify the crowns of Castile and Portugal as an alternative to the union of Castile with Aragon, personified in the marriage of Isabella to Ferdinand, after some skirmishes, Afonso Vs army marched for the rescue of the besieged castle inside Burgos. The bulk of the troops and funds for the war came from Castile, the Crown of Aragon was less important, apart from the presence of King Ferdinand himself, Aragon provided naval collaboration, guns, and some financial loans.

Louiss ceaseless intrigues, however, led his father to him from court. The campaigns of and developed into a war of attrition based on punitive raids and it was not popular with the aristocracy or the people. Due to their location above the inversion layer, the high mountains of these islands are ideal for astronomical observation. Modern reconstruction of a Portuguese caravel.

None survives in entirety from before C. Declared that the cardinals in a body should come immediately after the pope and precede all others in aeternni church.

They raised a number of noblemen, took control of expenditure, and gained the acceptance of Alfonso of Castille. France was simultaneously at war with the Duchy of Burgundy and that made Burgundy into theoretical allies of Isabellas supporters, but in practice, it continued its war against France without coordinating their actions with the Isabella alliance.

Granada War — It ended with the defeat of Granada and its annexation by Castile, ending all Islamic rule on the Iberian peninsula. This was given by Pope Reyis X, who was friendly toward Portugal and its discoveries, for a period between andthe treaty was rendered meaningless, as the Spanish King was also King of Portugal.

His main objective was to find a sea route to the East. Siquis autem hoc attemptare presumpserit, indignationem Omnipotentis Dei ac beatorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum ejus se noverit incursurum.

The most distinctive characteristic of a bull was its metal seal, which was usually made of leadbut on very solemn occasions retis made of gold as Byzantine imperial deeds often were.

Papal bulls have been in use since at least the sixth century CE, but the term was not used until around the middle of the thirteenth century C. The treaty formally ended the Hundred Years War, with the death of Charles the Bold at the Battle of Nancy inthe dynasty of the dukes of Burgundy died out.


Inthe Portuguese navy defeated the Castilians in the decisive Battle of Guinea, Joanna lost her right to the throne of Castile and remained in Portugal until her death.

Summoned the Second Vatican Council. Cheap goods like shells, old clothes, brass bracelets and other items were being traded in exchange for gold, the Castilian fleet was anchored in a harbor near Mina when the Portuguese fleet initiated an attack early in the morning. To counteract John II of Aragons politicking Henry IV reacted by invading Navarre in support of Charles, Charles was heir to Navarre, and he revolted against his father in when he refused to cede the throne of Navarre.

Sixtus aided the Spanish Inquisition, though he fought to prevent abuses therein and he was famed for his nepotism and was personally involved in the infamous Pazzi conspiracy.

Aeterni regis

Placed religious and economic restrictions on Jews in the Papal States. These were subsistence societies that, although they did not establish prosperous settlements, neolithic Portugal experimented with domestication of herding animals, the raising of some cereal crops and fluvial or marine fishing.

Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. The Crown was lost indue to the deliberate bankruptcy of England, and granted to the Temple Bar which became known as the Crown Bar, or simply the Crown.

Some hypothesize that the Canary Islands dog-worship and the ancient Egyptian cult of the god, Anubis are closely connected.

What does Aeterni regis mean?

A short while ago, when it was brought to the hearing of our predecessor, Pope Nicholas V, of happy memory, that formerly Henry, the infante of Portugal, uncle of our most dear son in Christ, Alfonso, the illustrious king of the kingdoms of Portugal and Algarve- [Here follows the confirmation of the Bull of January 8,and the Bull of March 13,Docs. Following the signature in this case would be an elaborate monogram, the signatures of any witnesses, and then the seal.

The following list provides a sample of some Papal bulls organized by the year in which they were issued the list is not exhaustive:. It was superseded by the Treaty of Madrid which granted Portugal control of the lands it occupied in South America, however, the latter treaty was immediately repudiated by the Catholic Monarch.

The most distinctive characteristic of a bull was the seal, which was usually made of lead.