Încercare de antropologie psihanalitică (Hypostases of death in a time of lust. An Essay includes: Antropologie culturală şi socială – vademecum (Cultural and Social Anthropology – . MIHU, Achim. Antropologia. Tematica si bibliografie Literatura universala si Uploaded by. Ellandri · Seminar 4 Achim Mihu – Antropologia Uploaded by. Cristinel Virgilius Degeratu · Uploaded by. Cristinel Virgilius Degeratu · dialoguri improbabile_Cristinel

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Aceste fenomene 21 F. The merit of having founded the first school of social and cultural anthropology in is attributed to V. Tak, Historical anthropology and anthropological history: Towards the middle of the 19 th century, the series of geographic explorations, conquests and colonization has reached the point of maximum development.

International Journal of Cultural Studies. Tylor, Maine, Morgan J. First, it was unanimously accepted the idea that the cultural phenomenon must be studied in the specific manner proposed by naturalists. Dar un lucru este cert: Dacia, Cluj, It is nonetheless true, compared with the above – mentioned regions, that Romania and in general all East -European countries had not crossed through that stage of colonial ethnology, which imposed itself from the theoretical and methodological points of view.

From one perspective, the core is derived from research towards radicalism, and from the other, taking into account the politicization; one might have doubts about the objectivity of the research. The central merit of the School from Manchester and of Rhodes-Livingstone Institute consisted of the initiation of some systematic regional research programs.

Geertz, The Interpretation of Cultures The Methodology of Multilinear Evolutionlui J. The outcome consisted in the identification of the way in which vulturala marks are being distributed, and antropoolgie the understanding of the individual process of cultural change.


The central objective of symbolic Anthropology is represented by the studies of the ways through which the individuals with a social life perceive and interpret the environment they live in, and implicitly the actions of the other members of society. Biographical Supplement, Steward i se 8 P. Hennuyer, Paris, Kulturkreise according to this theory, culture was generated by a limited number of cultural centers ; Reciprocal influence each society is influenced by other societies, but the process of influencing is mutual.

Kuisel, Seducing the French: Franz Boas, as founder of this trend, undertook elaborated regional studies, focusing on individual cultures, in order to exceed evolutionist and diffusionist approaches and seek clarification to these in the same time.

Lupta dintre membrii grupului — prototipul comportamentului criminal; 2. The starting point of anthropologists was the Freudian psychoanalysis, and from here, they moved to common aspects that characterize people and are to be found in their cultures. Frobenius, Ratzel, Graebner, Pater W.

However, the absence of classical monographs in the field of anthropology translated into Romanian remains regrettable.

Orientări și curente în antropologia culturală | Pribac Sorin –

Focaal Focaal-European Journal of Anthropology. Geertz, The Interpretation of Cultures.

Cognitive Anthropology is known for its theory and specific method, thus obtaining a special statute. Buettner-Janusch, Boas and Mason: Results of an Inquiry, Unesco, Paris,p.

A special merit, due to their open-mindedness towards anthropology, is attributed to several publishing hou ses, which considered cultural anthropology to be one of their priorities. For Anthropology, the 19 th century represented the point where, starting from the general concept of evolution but also from cultturala writings of Montesquieu, the focus shifted to society and its evolution.


Freeman, New York, Ortner, Theory in Anthropology Le Bon, The Crowd.

Antropologia culturala – Achim Mihu – Google Books

From this point forward, the focus was on social behaviour achhim cultures, assisting many people in their attempt to understand the different cultures other than their own. De la Descartes la constituirea Republicii Franceze X. Barkan, The Retreat of Scientific Racism: Deflem, Ritual, Anti-Structure, and Religion: Rutherford, To Find an African Witch.

Our approach follows in great lines the diachronic development of the anthropologic science from its beginnings to the 20th century.

Mihu, Achim

Leacock, Women and Colonization: The functions of the different organs work together and have the task of maintaining the good functioning of the organism, so that this one could assure the development of its essential processes, and could reproduce. Leroi-Gourhan, Hand und Wort. Bantu Studies Bantu Studies. The main objective of the present study is to analyse the most representative trends and schools of anthropology, and implicitly the major concepts and specialists who, through their work and scientific papers, influenced anthropology.

Ca versiuni ale teoriei difuzioniste, sunt de men ionat: Numerous results of the studies and conclusions drawn by Boas as well as by his disciples lost their credibility in time, concomitantly with the development of Anthropology. Schneider, Marriage, Authority, and Final Causes: Hatch, Leslie White’ s Materialism: Cu,turala, New York,