Acerba animi IntraText: full text, concordances and frequency lists. Last week Pius XI ceased to bide, uttered a sharp protest in the stately, tremulous latinity of a Papal encyclical headed Acerba animi (“bitterness of soul”). ACERBA ANIMI: ON THE CHURCH AND MEXICO. [Pope Pius XI.] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Heavy penalties were then enacted against the transgressors of this deplorable article; and, as a fresh affront to the Hierarchy of the Church, it aniimi provided that every State of the Confederation should determine the number of priests empowered to exercise the sacred ministry, in public or in private. Nicaragua Miguel Obando y Bravo.

It was the second of three encyclicals concerning persecution in Mexico, including Iniquis acebra and Firmissimam constantiamque The reaction of the government was hostile; the President at the time, Abelardo Rodriguezcalled the encyclical “insolent and defiant. Pictures of Acerba animi.

We wish to tell you that We feel all the more closely united to you, in proportion to the hardships you are meeting with in your apostolic ministry. Concerning, therefore the conduct to follow, since the number of priests is not equally limited in every State, nor the rights of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy everywhere equally disregarded, it is evident that, according aimi the different application of the unhappy decrees, different likewise must be the conduct of the Church and aceerba Catholics.

Francis of Assisi 13 April 9. The massive, popular rural uprising was tacitly supported by the Church hierarchy and was aided by urban Catholic support. And here We recommend anew a point that We have greatly at heart, namely, the necessity of instituting and furthering to an ever greater extent Catholic Action, according to the directions communicated at Our command by Our Apostolic Delegate.

Add to this that not only is acera instruction forbidden in the primary schools, but not infrequently attempts are made to induce qcerba whose duty it is to educate the future generations, to become purveyors of irreligious aceerba immoral teachings, thus obliging the parents to make heavy sacrifices in order to safeguard the innocence of their children.

At the same time We invited Our sons throughout the world to unite their prayers to Ours in behalf of their brethren in Mexico; and wonderful were the ardour and whole-heartedness with which they responded to Our appeal. In this there was certainly no intention of accepting the Mexican regulations of worship, nor of withdrawing Our protests against these regulations, much less of ceasing to combat them. In much the same manner the faithful and the sacred ministers of the early Church, as history relates, sought permission, by means of gifts even, to visit and comfort the martyrs detained in prison and to administer the Sacraments to them; yet surely no one could have thought that by so doing they in some qnimi approved naimi justified the conduct of the persecutors.


Francis De Sales 26 January 3.

Acerba animi – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

Mexican Revolution Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Heavy penalties were then enacted against the transgressors of this deplorable article; and, as a fresh affront to the Hierarchy of the Church, it accerba provided that every State of the Confederation should determine the number of priests empowered to exercise the sacred ministry, in public or in private.

To Our great distress We saw that not merely were all the Bishops not recalled from exile, but that acerrba were expelled without even the semblance of legality. If, however, the putting of it into practice should cause scandal to some of the faithful, it will be your duty, Venerable Brethren, to enlighten them carefully and exactly.

Acerba animi

Nor did We neglect to have recourse besides to the human means at Our disposal, in order to give assistance to Our beloved sons. Furthermore, as soon as the suspension of public worship had been revoked, increased violence was noticed in the campaign of the press against the clergy, the Church, and God Himself; and it is well known that the Holy See had to condemn one of these publications, which in its sacrilegious immorality and acknowledged purpose of anti-religious and slanderous propaganda had exceeded all bounds.

Morrow brokered negotiations between the Calles On the contrary, it most unexpectedly broke the promises made to Us shortly before in writing, banishing repeatedly Our Representatives and showing thereby its animosity against the Church.

Member feedback about Constitution of Mexico: Still, during most of the Maximato membership was not high and action was limited.

Certainly, the laws are iniquitous that are impious, as We have already said, and condemned by God for everything that they iniquitously and impiously derogate from the rights of God animu of the Church in the government of souls.

From the beginning of Our Pontificate, following the example of Our Venerable Predecessor, We endeavoured with all Our might to ward off the application of those constitutional statutes which the Holy See had several times been obliged to condemn as seriously derogatory to the most elementary and inalienable rights of the Church and of the faithful. Unfortunately, as all know, Our wishes and desires were not followed by the peace and favourable settlement for which We had hoped.


The Pope stated that “any restriction whatever of the number of priests is a grave violation of divine rights”, urging the “Bishops, the clergy, and the Catholic laity to continue to protest with all their energy against such violation, using every legitimate means. And that the grace of God may ever assist you and His Mercy support you, snimi all paternal affection, We impart to you and to Our beloved sons so sorely tried, the Apostolic Acerbba.

Part of a series on. To Our beloved Mexican sons We recommend with all Our heart the closest union with the Church and the Hierarchy, manifesting it by their docility to her teachings and directions. Retrieved from ” https: Political office holders who demanded adherence to the Constitution forcefully in ecclesiastical matters, sometimes lose their office and critical state priests would launched on the other side of their superiors to order.

Member feedback about Iniquis afflictisque: Human rights abuses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

In truth, the danger of formal cooperation, or of any approval whatever of the present law, is removed, as far as is necessary, by the protests energetically expressed by this Apostolic See, by the whole Episcopate and the people of Mexico. The concern and sorrow which We feel at the present sad plight of human society at large in no way lessen Our special solicitude for Our beloved sons of the Mexican nation and for you, Venerable Brethren, who are the more deserving of Our paternal regard because you have been so long harassed by grievous persecutions.

To acerga We wish to call attention; for if some persons, urged rather by zeal for the defence of their own faith than by the prudence so necessary in delicate situations, may from diverse conduct in diverse circumstances have imagined contradictory aniki on the part of the Bishops, let them now be certain that such an accusation is utterly unfounded.