Margaret and Patrick have been married just a few months when they set off on what they hope will be a great adventure-a year living in Kenya. Margaret quickly . Jane Shilling on Anita Shreve’s fifteenth novel, A Change in Altitude, a curiously old-fashioned affair set in Kenya. In this, Anita Shreve’s 15th novel, American newlyweds Margaret and Patrick have just arrived in Africa. He works in a hospital in Nairobi; she.

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It was really a “meh” read. It was an awful smell, and Margaret was certain she would never get used to it.

A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Achei que o tema principal foi tratado pela rama e deveria ter sido mais desenvolvido. View all 4 comments. Planning to remain only a… More. None of the characters were likable, and although there was some action in the story, the story just never had that “wow” effect.

The two prominent would-be suitors bring her marriage to the point of collapse. The catastrophe in A Annita of Altitude works. Patrick a doctor, is altitjde with his practice and Margaret a photography novice, finds she has much idle time on her hands. This shift initially threw me a bit because the pace is totally different. Her skin seemed painted on and shiny. With little closure for the reader. Set in the shrvee ‘s, Margaret and Patrick McCoglan are a young married couple from Massachusetts who decide to spend a year in Africa.

Under her palm, she could feel the distinctive stitching of the white coverlet. During the flight across the alien continent, the sun rising, her face pressed to the window, her breath fogging her vision, Patrick held her hand.

Margaret and Patrick have been married just a few months when they set off on what they hope will be a great adventure-a year living in Kenya. Four lives torn apart” but altitudee in and of itself also promises far more than the reality, a sort znita Jodi Picoultesque drama of immense proportions that in the end changes all lives. Her shteve brings Margaret to a shocked understanding of the brutal complexity of Kenyan politics, and her professional partnership with Rafiq seems about to develop into something more tender when they are separated by two further strokes of fate.


You could say this makes the story more accessible. In my case, to get as far away from bloody London as possible.

I expected the tragedy to be played out, not glossed over in a matter of a page. Sep 24, Diane rated it liked it.

A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve

Margaret never seems to be fully in love with hubby, the saintly Patrick, leaving herself open to the attentions, flirtations and more from other men.

When Margaret asked her subject where she might get a Tab and a sandwich, the man in the doorway answered first. It is a tragedy that will, ln, put Margaret and Patrick’s marriage on ice. A British couple invites the newlyweds to join on a climbing expedition to Mount Kenya, and they eag Margaret and Patrick have been married just a few months when they set off on what they hope will be a great adventure-a year living in Kenya.

Each is a story that has stayed with me for a long time.

Margaret wore a long white cotton dress and wound her hair into a French twist. I wanted to feel with Margaret but she was just defensive and evasive. It definitely promised more than it delivered, on all counts: When her car breaks down, Margaret finds herself being helped by an English couple Arthur and Diana. She also snapped pictures of the delicate falling branches of the jacaranda and of the scarlet-orange-pink bursts of color in the bougainvillea, a plant that grew like a weed and covered stone walls and rooftops.

He had on a white shirt, the sleeves rolled to the elbows, a striped tie. Set in Kenya, the novel is more than a cliffhanger: Finally getting enough shots to ensure at least one ahita editor could use, Margaret realized that there was another doctor standing in the doorway, watching the shoot.

View altitudw 3 comments. The ending aptitude VERY disappointing. I think the author portrayed very well how easy it would be to be a fish out of water as an American in such a country.

At the start of the novel they’re living temporarily with their landlords, Arthur and Diana, a very colonial-type Brit couple in their 30s whose descriptions at times veer into caricature. In recap this book was an “ehhh”, “meh, “errrrr” read. I was interested in the social and political ground she covered in this book set in Kenya, but the relationship between the main characters, a photojournalist and her doctor, was just too dry and colorless to engage me.


Anita Shreve – A Change in Altitude –

In the picture, it looked lank. To be honest, it was kind of a thin stretch that such an innocent act would rile up two aa. In the end, towards the end of the climb, Margaret–easily the slowest and weakest, and therefore slowing and weakening everyone else–has been relegated to a sort of pariah role why?

Going abroad is one scenario that might open a door to autonomy, and for newlywed Americans Margaret and Patrick a year’s stay in Kenya does seem to provide that opportunity. Mar 23, Deanna rated it did not like it Recommends it for: She seemed distracted by activity in the kitchen. Kenya and the moments before and after the big plot drop. I also found the central plot development of Margaret and Arthur I enjoyed the first half of this book and enjoyed the description of the Mount Kenya climb and subsequent incident.

Diana believed in bringing up children the British way, without excessive praise. They make another attempt a year later and when the wife makes the summit, the story ends. Whatever one thinks of Shreve’s literary merit, she grapples with subjects and themes that matter. Saartje and Willem van Buskirk.

A British couple invites the newlyweds to join on a climbing expedition to Mount Kenya, and they eagerly agree.

The highlight for me, was the relationship between Margaret and Rafiq. At the beginning of the story, the six people trying to climb the mountain have so little experience that it is unbelievable to me that they would even attempt it.