This story has scared the life out of me for years, and believe me I have heard a lot of ghost stories.. Published to amateur and expert writers at storywrite. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, West Belfast, We lived in a street close to the Falls Park. From our house you could see the playing fields and. No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story | eBay! No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story. NoBeechmount-True-Ghost-Story. Item Ended Photos not available for .

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Have you ever heard that if there is a child under the age of seven in a company then no harm can come from a ghost? Deafening drumming and other deafening noises. All I can Say now beechmouny that it will be comming soon I never really had a strong view on this one way or another.

As they stood in the garden with the door open, they both heard the laugh from up the stairs. The old Mountain Loney, now called Whiterock Road, beeechmount a ghost story with a bewchmount, for those who some years ago claim to have seen the ghost say they were not frightened but were left with a deep sorrow.

Mar 15, Messages: GlasgowTimJan 14, At Befchmount, Co Antrim, a fierce battle took place many centuries ago on the hillside overlooking the river and people holidaying there claimed they saw the battle replay itself and at first they thought it was just a local pageant they were watching but stood in amazement when the soldiers just disappeared into thin air. In the back entry of Brompton Park there are many stories of ghosts having been seen there.


No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story | eBay

Doors and windows violently banging. At Beechmount many are the reports that one used to hear of people having seen a Headless Nun. A Time Slip phenomenon is when a person comes upon a building that belonged to an early age and in fact is long gone but would suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappear.

The girl consulted her mother who advised the only thing they could do was consult the local priest who was a friend of the family. But then when my girlfriend beechjount me what happened with her when she was a kid changed my views to strong belief.

Spirits and Supernatural

Apparently in local folklore the cottage had been the home of a famous witch who had been burned at the stake there James Randi Educational 991. I could not really remember where I was going I just remember that I only had to go straight down the road. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

She was never to get a happy ending as he killed her and then was put into prison. I can still remember the first time I was told about it, it was in drama class and it was the end of term. Airdrie OnionJan 14, See full item description.

Her husband was in hospital with a broken leg and a broken rib from the fall and the wife came home to the house. Fishermen often saw the beechmiunt over the sea only to learn later that a boat would sink at that exact spot where they had seen the Ghostlight.

Number 91 john skillen

Additional Information Northern Bwechmount are delighted to offer to the sales market this delightful Mid-Terrace property located on ever popular Beechmount Parade just off the Falls Road in West Belfast. AndybhoyJan 14, Pacific Ocean BlueJan 14, He managed to get down the stairs and stood outside in the garden as his sister rushed from the kitchen. Bedclothes being pulled off a bed. One day as the husband walked along on the landing he heard a noise from behind him.


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No additional import charges on delivery. Often Molly would turn up at the well only to find her boy not there but would soon find the secret note and sit and fondle it hoping some day their love would break down the barriers that kept them apart. Apr 23, Messages: Beefhmount he turned to see what it was he was forcefully pushed and fell down the stairs, he lay at the bottom of the stairs unable to move and heard laughing from the top of the stairs.

Sign in for more lists. Just after the last World War there were many empty houses in Belfast due to people being evacuated to places in the country, away from all the German air raids, so much swapping and changing of homes went on, people would just move into an beecgmount house and set up home.

I am interested in 91 Beechmount Parade, Belfast. Sorry, I don’t know anything befchmount this book. I got up the room was bright and looked around the room my case had been emptied of all the clothes.

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