I can buy the Dungeon Delve book for a reasonable price. Is it worth getting? Just to give a bit of background, I am a very late convert to 4E. Find great deals for Dungeons and Dragon 4th Edition 4e Dungeon Delve Hardcover Adventure Collection. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Dungeon Delve is a book containing a series of mini-adventures publiched by Wizards of the Coast, [Collapse] Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition products edit .

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They lined up to get into the available party slots. For fun, have the guy they target run away. Feel free to send me a PM with the above details if you are interested. So, what’s in for me in that book? Read these encounters carefully and make sure you know how they work first, and then how they work with everything else in the room. Rooms don’t fit together in anything like what they’re allegedly part of, there are always long corridors or heavy doors or uncaring masterminds so that the villains of one encounter never get reinforcements from another, etc.

Hazards, not fights Hazards are things like broken bridges, fast running rivers, things you can fall off of, etc. This could lead to new stories or at least interesting background material. HOWEVER I’ve noticed maps for adventures like those are usually large for having just a few encounters here and there, too large they seem like a hastle. CC License All articles and comments posted posted on the site but not the products for sale are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.

Lookup timezone conversions on Google if you aren’t sure what time that is for you.

Published March 3rd by Wizards of the Coast first published February delvf Michael rated it really liked it Mar 25, By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Cut the price on rituals? I’m going to assume that you as well as the players don’t want to just bash faces in, but also want to do other things. Let me be clear here: I know, I know, different playstyles.


If you are looking for a group to play with on a regular basis, send me a PM!

5 Tips For Running Dungeon Delves — Critical Hits

Join Date May Xungeon Jennifer rated it really liked it Oct 20, The way you approach running a delve for a group of inexperienced players is different for running up against a group who want to try out their newest optimized killing machine.

World Building Basics Review: Sign up using Facebook. Especially in a magical setting, they may find a tireless construct that asks them logic riddles or sends them off to find a very unusual key before they can pass. They lined up to see the next dungeon details and character names get posted to the bulletin board. The first time we were still learning the 4e mechanics and it ran more like a boardgame experience.

Dungeon Delve | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Some groups are mostly there for the story and can go for sessions without a single combat. Dweredell City Supplement 2: Books by David Noonan. Dungeon Masters can run these delves as one-shot adventures or weave them into their campaign. Sam rated it really liked it Oct 18, Mar 05, Trip rated it it was ok. The internal logic suggests Ebberon, which is a cool setting, but not exactly what i had in mind when i tried to do a low-magic campaign. With more “realistic dungeons” if you would – it’s just a preference thing.

He is the designer of the Origins Award-winning Get Bit! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Depending on the day, I’d be down. Those are my 5 tips, feel free to share more. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I didn’t mean to buy this, but the nice guy at Borders went dleve so much trouble to find it that I didn’t have the heart to flip through it dungoen hand it back. You may want this to make the fights you do have, go quicker. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Dungeon Delve: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement

He lives in MD with etheir three dogs, and two cats. For the purpose of this product, a Dungeon Delve is a compact series of encounters appropriate for a specific level of play.

They spend, and I know you might not believe this, but its true- they spend an average of an hour a day, sometimes 3, playing with the character creator planning out their 4E characters till level 30, and versions of them, and alt-characters just for fun; they know every magic item near their level they might want, they know which unreleased books they want….

We are interested in playing more than just short delves, but I don’t want to start a longer campaign until we have 5 solid, dedicated and reliable players.

In the latter, look for synergies between your monsters, and challenge the PCs as much as possible. Perhaps applying these principles to encounters I design will improve them, or perhaps it will make me fling my tentacles up in despair and switch to Fantasy Hero.

Thursday, April 16,5: Jk rated it it was amazing Sep 15, We had enormous lines at the Delve that entire weekend.

Kevin Rush rated it liked it Nov 11, Trivia About Dungeon Delve: Analyzing Design — Part 4: We already have a small group of motivated players, but we could really use more. I was hoping for, you know, a new Undermountain.