26a. By Diana Evans. pp. William Morrow. $ IT didn’t occur to me that my parents belonged to different races until I was 12 years old. Diana Evans’s very enjoyable debut novel begins with death. Michael Jackson, and the twins have their own world – 26a – up in the attic. Summary and reviews of 26a by Diana Evans, plus links to a book excerpt from 26a and author biography of Diana Evans.

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I liked the characters less and less, and cared less and less about what happened to them; by the end, I was rolling my eyes. Well-written book about the relationship of very different twin girls growing up in England in the ’80s. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Diana Evans is a British author of Nigerian and English descent.

Two into one

Two animals, following each other’s scent to become moonlit roadkill, are reborn as infant twins into “surgical electric white”. Glad I read it, however not at all what I expected from the synopsis! This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime books.

A novel about being twins grows stealthily, movingly, into one about being human. Of going to a place that was home, but you never really have been. Why did it take years for Belle to diiana Georgia about what happened in the garden?

Diana Evans – Wikipedia

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There are things that kids don’t understand and with them comes sadness. Evans is a Disappointing. I started out really enjoying this book, but I never get on well with magical realism.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. For instance, Georgia comes up with drills that she can run for when the days become bad, which again, damn, that sort of thinking has been so useful to me. A Nigerian mother and an English father, a family life narrated so beautifully that evnas an outsider you completely enjoy the voyeurism it offers.

When one suffers, the other’s face throbs.

Georgia Hunter, elder evzns 45 minutes, and Bessi, who spends her first weeks in an incubator, grow up at 26a Waifer Avenue, Neasden, within spitting distance of the North Circular. I did enjoy it though, the writers style was lively carrying me through environments I did not and places I did know. It speaks to the heart of mental illness without ever saying the words.

All the Hunters are drawn with care: The Hunters seldom venture past Kilburn, content with Neasden’s Gladstone park and to watch the wedding of Charles and Di on television, scraping their ice-cream bowls “so that the Hunters became an orchestra”. Dina ease I followed these girls wherever they went, meeting Gladstone in his mansion, meeting each dvans under the Evergreen tree and as they slept with the ghosts of Nigerian twins.

After an acid trip, the “shadows” in her head become voices urging self-destruction.

Like there couldn’t 2a6 another ending for It’s always kind of an adventure to buy books from a rummage table because you never know what to evane. The novel traces the parents’ meeting in Lagos. Discover what to read next. It hints at the randomness of fate, or character, that can allow one child 26x grow unfettered while a moment of cruelty can damage and stunt another. The writing was good, the narrative less compelling. I thought the author did an excellent job of describing Georgia’s depression and her moods.


I have never, not ever, encountered a Nigerian or Nigerian-descended author who has never written about twins. Evans skilfully explores the twin bond using a perfect blend of magical realism. The focus remains on the twins – Bessie and Georgia, and their joint-at-the-hip bond that sustains the jibes of high school and embarassment of early teenage years. Read this because of a review on Reading the End blog and thought it might be my sort of thing.

The Best Books of This book started sad and remained sad. The writing is outstanding, truly inspiring. We, as the reader, can trace their problems back to moments of abuse, of hate and loneliness, but we can also see how there is now going back. A hauntingly beautiful, wickedly funny, and devastatingly moving novel of innocence and dreams that announces the arrival of a major new talent to the literary scene In the attic room at 26 Waifer Avenue, identical twins Georgia and Bessi Hunter share nectarines and forge their identities, while escaping from the sadness and danger that inhabit the floors below.

It will make you cry.

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