Law No. on Labour Contracts (Régimen de contrato de trabajo [texto ordenado de ; aprobado por ley núm. , de , modificado por ley núm. LEY DE CONTRATO DE TRABAJO Rús [Ley ] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Contrato de Trabajo: Ley 20,, Texto Ordenado Segun Decreto / Comentado, Anotado y Concordado Con la Ley 25, de Reforma Laboral ( Spanish.

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For public sector workers: Trade unions must ensure effective internal democracy.

Exchanging of information necessary for the purposes of the examination of the issues under discussion. To be registered a trade union needs to submit: ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Conflicts of interest are within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Only one trade union can be tabajo trade union status by the Ministry of Labour at each bargaining level. As there may only be one trade union with trade union status at each bargaining level, the general representativity provisions apply:. Where a conflict that arises has no solution between the parties, either party shall, before resorting to direct action, communicate to the administrative authority, to formalize procedures of compulsory conciliation.

Their statutes must ensure: Exclusive bargaining rights The decisions are adopted by the Council with the majority of two thirds. The minimum wage is officially recognized as provided by art.

However, the Penal Code states that it shall be punishable with imprisonment from one month to one year for a worker who has exercised violence against another to compel him to take part in a strike. Only then, the latter will enter into force. For a strike to be legal it is indispensable that a cooling off period of not more than 15 days be observed, during which a conciliation must be tried before the public authority. When a union representative consists of three or more employees, it will operate as a referee body.


Powers of the Commission of guarantees provided in the third paragraph of that Article unofficial English translation. National Wage Council Consejo del Salario.


Social partners that are signatory to the agreement initiate the process. The rules of collective agreements approved will be binding and can not be modified by individual employment contracts, to the detriment of workers. In addition, to determine the percentage of the base amount the highest net salary earned by the dontrato in the six months contrafo to the termination of the employment contractwhich will serve as the first four months of unemployment compensation.

The National Constitution of Argentina enshrines the following rights:. Article 2 of the Law on Trade Union Associations indirectly defines trade unions by stating that they are aimed at defending the interests of workers. Collective agreement shall be submitted to the Ministry of Labour for approval homlogation.

Argentina – 2015

This principle implies for parties the following rights and obligations: Health and hospital services; production and distribution trabajoo drinking water; electricity and gas; and air traffic control are considered as essential services. In case both parties accept it, arbitration awards are legally binding for the parties.


No restriction found in legislation. Collective labour agreements concluded within a company or group of cotnrato, shall meet the conditions established in the preceding paragraph and shall be submitted to the authority application for registration publication and deposit in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of this Act. The provisions of collective agreements must comply with the legal yrabajo governing institutions of labour law, unless the provisions of the Convention relating to each of these institutions will be more favorable to workers, provided that affect provisions which protect the public interest.

Territorial and Professional Level In all cases the representatives must have a minimum length of membership of one 1 year: The parties are obliged to negotiate in good faith. In case the conciliation proposal is not accepted by both parties to the conflict, the mediator will suggest referring the matter to arbitration art.

To perform the functions indicated in Article 40 requires an employee to: