Find great deals on eBay for C5 Corvette Manual in Corvette. CORVETTE OWNERS MANUAL CHEVROLET BOOK HANDBOOK C5 Z06 GUIDE. Chevrolet Corvette. Owner’s Manual. Litho in U.S.A.. ECopyright General Motors Corporation 06/22/ Part Number A First Edition. All Rights. C5 General – Corvette owners’ manual in PDF – In searching for the PDF version of my owner’s manual, I came across this teardown.

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The car placed third and fourth in its class 10th and 11th overall at the 24 Hours of LeMans in June, For all Corvettes in the U. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If you see anything that might keep a safety belt system from doing its job, have it repaired.

C5 Corvette Manuals

Windshield Washer Fluid Level Check: However, this is actually 15 hours less than the production of the C4 Corvette. Shifter comes with bolts and shift box gasket. Send a private message to kylryn. Additionally, acid corrosion will need to be removed from the frame and the frame repainted to avoid further damage as a result of prolonged exposure to natural elements.

It does not seem to cause any mechanical problems, other than a slight mess inside the intake manifold. The starter should work only when the clutch is pushed down all the way to the floor. Automatic Transmission Visual Inspection: Chevrolet does have a bulletin out instructing Corvette owners how to better insulate against the humming sound of the fuel pump.


Corvette Owners Manual,

Benford in pages in New condition. From Chevrolet to Callaway: Check the windshield washer fluid level in the windshield washer tank and add the proper fluid if necessary. The mileage between oil changes will vary depending on how you drive your vehicle — usually between 3, miles 5 km and 10, miles 16 km since your last oil and filter change. Inspect the body near the exhaust system. The proximity-based keyless entry system, which had proved to be perplexing to many consumers, was discontinued for in favor of a more conventional keyfob that utilized button controlled actuation.

Inspect the power steering lines and hoses for proper hook-up, binding, leaks, cracks, chafing, etc. On all vehicles, the key should come out only in OFF.

Send a private message to Vetteman Jack. Used in good condition. It may also require replacing the computer. In some instances, car crippling damage can occur.

The following errors occurred with your submission. Most of the other mechanical improvements for the Corvette centered around drivability and ride stability as well.

Manual Transmission and Carrier removed from a C5 Corvette with fire damage and unknown miles. When you are doing this check, your vehicle could begin to move. ownera

Inspect the hoses and have them replaced if they are cracked, swollen or deteriorated. Despite the foreign nature of the sound, It is completely normal. Complete service and repair instructions included. This situation can be fixed by placing a layer of burlap between ownwrs springs and the foam padding. This new mznual wheel was similar in design, though it did feature slightly thicker spokes. These sounds are normal, and are not an indicator of a failing fuel pump.


This is a popular upgrade and modification for any At present, this is the only known method to resolve this issue.

Corvette C5 Corvette Owners Manuals

Clutch Fluid Cap Cov Be prepared to apply the parking brake immediately if the vehicle begins to move. Introducing the Carbon 65 Edition Corvette. Performance Choice Manual Skip Shift Bypass will protect the open ends of the harness and prevent throwing trouble codes. Drain, flush and refill the cooling system or every 60 months since last service, whichever occurs first.

Send a private message to Flight Test. The engine ID number will be located on the rear of the LH cylinder head 2 or the front part of the LH oil pan rail 1. In rare instances, it has also been reported that the steering column has locked during vehicle operation.

Manual Transmission Check if so equipped: Cassette Deck Service if so equipped: More frequent lubrication may be required when exposed to a corrosive environment.

Inspect for damaged wheels. The new wheels were corvefte fully forged with a flow-formed rim for greater durability, even though the new wheels featured thinner spokes than its predecessors. C5 Corvette Manuals Refine Results.